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November 29 2015

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November 26 2015

Can we all just agree that the greatest tech advancement in Star Trek is a universal video format? Klingon ships, Romulan ships, Vulcan ships, Human ships … not once does a captain say “On screen,” followed by a plugin error message.
- (some guy on Facebook, anonymously quoted on reddit)

“Stand by, Captain — it says we need to update the Java plugin so we can run GoToMeeting.”

“Why didn’t they just use WebEx?”

“The Romulans must not have a license for it.”

“But it’s free. Isn’t it?”

“If they’d Skyped in, we could’ve just used the ship’s webcam.”

“Captain, the warbird doesn’t show up on my list of Facetime contacts.”

“I think we need to sync our address book.”

“We should’ve just used Tinychat.”

“Why don’t we start a Google Hangout?”

“Shut up, Wesley.”

(via flavorcountry)

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November 25 2015

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November 04 2015

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it’s been literal weeks and i’ve only just realised this is meant to be read as “healthy burgers” and not “heal thy burgers”

November 01 2015

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Trailer fuer die Inszenierung des Stuecks "Superman ist tot" von Holger Schober. Premiere 6.11.2015, W1 in der Weingasse in Regensburg.

October 30 2015

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October 24 2015

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October 21 2015

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Holy crap! :)
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October 16 2015

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October 07 2015

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October 02 2015

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September 19 2015

Breakfast and Crowd!

@c3o and I bought breakfast for the crowd helping set up @metalab - if you start counting at 0, this is the morning of day 1. A tiny @mihi in the background, probably already working.
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September 17 2015

The National Emblem of The Independent Pugland.
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September 12 2015

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August 20 2015

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